Raena Shirali – black magic

Raena Shirali black magic “This is how everyone in India is brought up—listening to ghost stories.” –Sushil Sharma, The Washington Post Ithe village men fear my evil mouth: so-called       daayan       feeding on cattle,stirring dust to stifle crops. i am       single. have no manto stand his two feet       on top of my ground & reassure: […]

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Riverbaby, Blaine Ely

Blaine Ely River Baby Her toenails are still painted when we find her. Their fluorescent pink glowing on the ends of pale toes, electric against the river’s edge. I’m walking ahead and see her first, then Trevor—him pushing me away for a better look. Her just lying there, a roadkill stare. The buzzards—a whole storm […]

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Talk-to-Me Tina – Scott Fenton

Scott Fenton Talk-to-Me Tina The day before your delivery estimate, you find your very own Talk-to-Me Tina drooling inside her packaging on your front stoop. You’ve lived alone here in your childhood home for two years, but still you’re surprised to see your name on a shipping label and not your father’s. Take out your […]

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Reuben Gelley Newman – Frame Loop // Disintegration Loop

Reuben Gelley Newman Frame Loop // Disintegration Loop for Arthur Russell and Julius Eastman; after Peter Zummo and William Basinski [A Tape] William Basinski cradling an old         cassette in his hands,                  hearing the easy                           melody                                    dis- integrate over the course         of an hour as the tape                  loops on, breaking down                           as if it were                                    a […]

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Caleb A.P. Parker – Elegy in a Yellow Kitchen

Caleb A.P. Parker Elegy in a Yellow Kitchen I watched my mother drain my father’s—         drained, I watched, my latex gloves the same blue as myfather’s lung out of a tube stuck right into his         running shoes, and soon I would be sprinting byhis side, the fluid neither blood nor         bayou. By and by, we […]

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Winshen Liu – Lunch at a Tavern

Winshen Liu Lunch at a Tavern The office courtyard has four tables, eachwith four chairs. My coworkers sit one person per table. They are quintessentialAmericans. I think of the time my mother and I shared a reuben,the angular taste of rye bread. She asked what my greatest fear was.Roaches, heights, meaninglessness. I bit into a […]

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Joan Kwon Glass – Crossing

Joan Kwon Glass Crossing My ten-year-old son plays a video of two foxesfrolicking at night. He’s entranced by their downy coats, their ears, too large for their heads, tails like clouds of woodsmoke as they chase one anotherthen collapse together, into a pulsing nest of fur.I don’t remember ever playing like that as a child,ever […]

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