The Armoury

He can only produce out of their armoury the sophism, ‘that you can neither enquire into what you know nor into what you do not know;’                                     – Meno by Plato Come, go with me into mine armoury.                                     – Titus Andronicus Act IV. Scene I, William Shakespeare That there, shouldered against the wall is your best sword.It […]

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The Next Step

It begins so simply: a smiling young woman hands my 92 year-old mother a clutch of tiger lilies at her back door. “I can’t stay,” she says apologetically. “Got a meeting in ten minutes, but I just wanted to bring these.” The woman pats my mother’s arm affectionately. “Miss seeing you,”and then turns back to […]

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The Spokesperson

A note from Jimo Zhang, the translator: The following poems are selected from a book of poetry entitled Rejuvenation, which is compared to a Chinese version of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. As China has achieved economic success over the past decades, new problems have cropped up, posing a challenge or threat to its long tradition, with […]

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Yangshou Scroll

1. Sitting by the Yulung River, waiting for a late lunch of braised pumpkins and garlic at the Mountain River Retreat and watching the rafts of tourists floating lazily by, I was pricked to wakefulness by the approaching strains of a song coming from upstream. Fellow resident writer Roberto from Mexico had just joined me […]

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IT WAS STILL dark when he gave up on the possibility of sleep. A restless nightit would be,then, as he had always expected: tossing and turning, pondering outcomes and eventualities and wondering how brave he might be, when the time came, what he had within him in the way of forbearance or strength. Hecouldn’t beat […]

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