Kayla Rutledge -The Elizabeths

Kayla Rutledge The Elizabeths On Sundays, from ninety-two different front rows in ninety-two different sanctuaries, pastor’s wives listen to a sermon we’ve already heard. We’ve talked it through over cereal bowls, picked the inky remains of notes from our laundry machines, heard the preacher mumble Hallelujah! in his sleep. Six days a week, our husbands […]

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Wendy BooydeGraaff – Soap and Water

Wendy BooydeGraaff Soap and Water Start with the glasses, the thinnest ones first: crystal liqueur glasses etched with flowers, even if they’ve been used after dinner, are most delicate so they go in first; the long-stemmed wine glasses, the thin-walled water goblets, follow. One by one, never two in the suds at the same time. […]

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