Shangyang Fang – Tether

Shangyang Fang   Shangyang Fang Tether   The tea is turning cold.It holds a winter in its mind.Soon, it will be a mattress of dead pool and the beetleswill lather their brittle shellsin this blue bathroom The birds shall continue,sighing, “I’d rather, I’d rather.”I write to make myself un- recognized. Inside the sterilizedwindow, the sprucestays, magpies, erased. […]

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Jess Williard – The Spoils

Jess Williard   Jess Williard The Spoils          Winter in Wisconsin. Snowdrifts like the shouldersof ancient and unspeaking creatures. A child wanders among them, in love with the possibility of it all.How the spoils are immense when there’s nothing to measure against. After a slap-boxing matchwith his brother, he chases him deeper  into the woods. […]

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Joe Sacksteder – Three Little Critically-Endangered Birds

Joe Sacksteder Three Little Critically-Endangered Birds   Old Park Service sign on the wall,Centennial Valley, Montana:THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT!ONLY 211 TRUMPETER SWANS ALIVEIN THE UNITED STATES TODAY. DON’T SHOOT ANY ALL-WHITE BIRD. Illustration of one taking flight,whumpf of wings up and away from this worldso adequate for so long,then so suddenly hostile, exterminatory,winging towards mysterioso […]

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KB Kinkel – Recambrian

KB Kinkel   KB Kinkel Recambrian        You live two decades a desertyour seasons imperceptible.  Flamed clean, you are a moth’s memoryof air.  They give you a name, thenthat means pure—  in these quicklime days,even beloved bodies dissolve fast as the crescent on the cottontail,the silence it leaves. When the rains come, you feel them onlyas […]

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