Seriality, Sexuality, Semiotics: Poems Responding to the Photography of Hal Fischer

Jeanette Lynes – 1979 

Jacques J. Rancourt – Crossed Signals

Joshua Garcia – Self- Portrait as Three Archetypal Media Images

Brett Hanley – Bondage Device: Meat Hoist

torrin a. greathouse – Bondage Device, Cross

drawing of a man in a cap carrying a giant banana on his back

Creative Nonfiction

Patrick Clement James – Transgressive Jesus

Joshua Harmon – Modest Sacrifices


John McCarthy – Potatoes and Buckshot

Kelli Russell Agodon – Endless Summer

Kathryn Smith – Ink Poems 

Chelsea B. DesAutels – When My Daughter Says God

Suzanne Manizza Roszak – In Which I Learn Early that Loathing Is a Strong Word

Rachel Richardson – Nomenclature

Patrycja Humienik – There’s What I Think and What I Feel; The Pipe Organ

Maria Zoccola – new year’s eve; horatio to his father

Stephen de Búrca – Traces

Tara A. Elliott – Clingstone

Steven Espada Dawson – Leticia Knows Your Weight

Kara McKeever – Body Electric

illustration of male and female pictogram figures standing under street lights


Colleen Mayo – Incantation

Bill Smoot – Hetrick’s Army

Ted McLoof – The Freaks Who Could Never Love Anyone

Devon Halliday – Just in Case

In Time Bloom: Selected Writings from the Education Justice Project

Chaka T. Richblood – ROSE

Raylan Gilford – My Brother

William Pierce – Inner Nature

Where We’re At

Chelsea Hill – Station


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Hal Fischer’s photographs use by permission of the artist. 

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