Ninth Letter 2022 Literary Awards

Jodie Noel Vinson (creative nonfiction) – “Self Portrait After COVID-19: A Triptych­”

Rose Zinnia (poetry) – “Constituting Mayhem (Derealized in the CVS),” “Look (Nonbinary),” “God WiFi Earth Ong (Nonbinary),” “Ancient Wind, Empty Skyscraper, Golden Bear (Nonbinary)”

Carly Rae Zent (fiction) – “The Girl Boss”

Creative Nonfiction

Sean Rose – “Baseball, Boys, and Time”

Jennie Evenson – “Cherry, Lemon, Seven”

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Hussain Ahmed – “North”

Abbie Kiefer – “What I Know” and “Trading in at Ray Diamond Ford”

Adam Grabowski – “Life Model”

Brian Czyzyk – “Dating Paul Bunyan”

Katherine Indermaur – “Don’t Tell Anyone You Read This Poem”

Megan Kim – “Anti-Dirge”

David Wright – “Taking Out the Recycling” and “Masked Litany 4: Today, I Wear My Kafka Mask”

John Paul Martinez – “Dear Forgiveness, You Know that Recently We Have Had Our Difficulties and There Are Many Things I Want to Ask You”

Holli Carrell – “First Sex”

Kristina Martino – “Surveillance”

Jane Morton – “Self Portrait in the Mirror”

Dennis Hinrichsen – “[Despair in Open D] [With Gerard Manley Hopkins on Tom-toms] [And a Dead Flamingo]” and “[My Pornographic Regime] [Take #17] [With Elvis Presley and the Wild Boars of Fukushima]”

Saddiq Dzukogi – “Concrete Jungle”

Mary Crockett Hill – “Past Life”

Alicia Mountain – “I Start to Ask God to Strike Down the Small Dog Barking at 6 a.m.”

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Special Feature: BRAZEN

Phillip Watts Brown – “Double Exposure: Aubade,” “Double Exposure: Gemini,” and “Double Exposure: Leaving Madrid”

Brent Ameneyro – “Tectonics [never the gold pillars],” “Tectonics [pan dulce],” and “Tectonics [to mexico city]

Laura Grothaus – “Memory”

Kate O’Donoghue – “Anxiety and Influence”

Courtney Faye Taylor – “Perfect Finish,” and “Triple Threat”


Gauraa Shekhar – “The Brief Friendships of Common Girls: A Methodology”

Lindsey Godfrey Eccles – “How to Tell the Sex of an Octopus”

Jamie Redgate – “Only Know”

Griffin Carpenter – “My Misstep”

Rick Andrews – “Couples Therapy”

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Special Feature: Regeneration Contest

Stephanie Anderson (essay) – “Disturbance”

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