Ninth Letter is published semi-annually in June and December by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
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Ninth Letter accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction from September 1 to February 28 (postmark dates). For complete guidelines and to submit online, visit our print submissions guidelines page.


Tom Howard, “Scarecrows”

Whitney Collins, “Drawers”

Blair Hurley, “The Retreat Welcomes You”

Dennis James Sweeney, “The Beginning”


Jennifer D. Munro, “Grooves”

TaraShea Nesbit, “A Limo Ride to Frisch’s Big Boy”

Whitney Lee, “On Dissection


Matthew Gavin Frank, “Small, Turbulent Disappointments”

Teresa Dzieglewicz, “Backpacking, Late Fall”

Emily August, “The Split Fig”

George Kovalenko “Wolfstooth” and “Serenade with Great Doom’s Image”

Emily Corwin, “Outburst as Clarice Starling” and “Outburst as Laurie Strode”

Bradley Harrison, “Invisible City”

Melissa Ginsburg, “I choose the names”

Devon Walker-Figueroa, “A Galaxy Named Beloved”

Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren, “Rasp”

Sophia Stid, “After Reading Julian of Norwich”


Leila Chatti, “Prayer”

Mitchell Jacobs, “None of My Friends Have Bodies Anymore”

Dylan Weir, “The Souls that Throng the Flood”

Cortney Lamar Charleston, “Concerning Citizenship”

Special Feature

“More Like This than Any of These: Creative Nonfiction in the Age of the Trans New Wave”

Cooper Lee Bombardier

Colette Arrand

Grace Reynolds

Ryka Aoki

Brook Shelley

Art Feature

Perfectly Acceptable Press

Where We’re At

Sebastián Maldonado-Vélez, “The Inescapable Mystery of a Midwestern Pilgrimage”

Jason Nafziger, “Rock over London, Rock on Chicago”


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Special thanks to our guest judges for the 2018 Literary Awards: Michele Morano (fiction), sam sax (poetry), and Elissa Washuta (creative nonfiction)

Special thanks also to Editor-at-Large Philip Graham for his work on the special feature “More Like This than any of These: Creative Nonfiction in the Age of the Trans New Wave.”

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