Brock Clarke, “Memphis”

Jake Bartman, “Night Swim”

Amanda Haag, “HARRIDANS!

Becky Hagenston, “Witnesses”

David Naimon, “Gathering”

illustration of computer screen and game controllers, "FICTION" appears on the screen

illustration of jello mold and painting of jello mold, "CREATIVE NONFICTION" on painting


Paul Crenshaw, “Cold Cola Wars”

Brenda Miller & Julie Marie Wade, “Cars: An Essay in Two Voices”

Ellene Glenn Moore, “Stories My Mother Tells”


Aldo Ampáran, “Misadventure”

Riley Bingham, “Bathos”

Megan Blankenship, “Her Last Supper”
“A Far Cry from the Lord

Adrian Blevins, “Relationship Status”
“Flight Status”
“Divorce Status”

Molly Brown, “a better name for grief might be found in pelican’s dive”

Cheng Yu, “From Falling Out of Love to Apocalypse” (translated by Nicholas Wong)

Alisha Dietzman, “the last judgment—giotto di bondone [Buon Fresco]”
“love poem by the light of prague”
“the last judgment—giotto di bondone [Fresco-Secco]”

Lara Egger, “If You’re Anything Like Me”

Kathy Fagan, “My Mother”
Birds Are Public Animals of Capitalism

Jennifer Saunders, “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Thom Schramm, “Swoop”

Aimee Seu, “Homage”

Jacob Sunderlin, “Deleted Scene”
“Blown Through the Stoma in His Throat, the Smoke of a Chesterfield Took a Variety of Shapes”

Milla van der Have, “eurydice in minor”

jigsaw puzzle of desserts, "POETRY" on jigsaw puzzle box

Special Feature

George Guida, “Tangible Faith: A Conversation with Anders Carlson-Wee 

Where We’re At

Erich Slimak, “The Best There Is”

Emmilea O’Toole, “The Ice Cube”



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