Ninth Letter Literary Award Winners

Laura Haugen – Song for the Missing (creative nonfiction)

torrin a. greathouse – On Possession; T4T; As My English Class Debates the Legality of Gay Marriage I Daydream of the Boy I Am Beginning to Fall in Love With (poetry)

Tom Howard – The Long Shadows (fiction)


Mariah Stovall – Epinephrine

Gerardo Sámano Córdova – Fluffschatten

Matthew Richardson – Eating It Up, Asking for More

Devon Capizzi – Swimming

Josh Bell – Pigs Love Witches

 Creative Nonfiction

Emily James – Other Women

Karen Maner – Social Constipation

Christine Hume and Laura Larson – All the Women I Know

Jacqueline Knirnschild – Clout

Chad Davidson – Argon


Jihyun Yun – Prognosis as Double Exposed Film

Diane Seuss – Rhapsody

Lauren Green – Nox

Lynn Domina – To See Again the Stars

Matthew Fioti – Knots Landing (1979-1993)

Claire Wahmanholm – In a Land Where Everything Is Trying to Kill Me, I Consider Letting It

Emily Ho – Pia Mater


K.A. Hays – Lines written in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Adam Clay – Where Paradise Lay

Christopher DeWeese – Dead Reckoning

Lizzy Peterson – Bess Utley Explains Why We Don’t Remember Much

Nancy Reddy – The End of Limbo

Madi Giovina – Ruminate

Clancy Tripp – It’s Summer and He’s Hosting a Bootleg Breakup Picnic in the Park

Zoë Fay-Stindt – Sharing the Table

janan alexandra – requiem for the blue-headed morning

William Fargason – While Playing World of Warcraft, I Can’t Stop Thinking of Death

Michael Dumanis – Walkup

Leila Chatti – Night Poem

Peter Mason – Winter Portrait of My Adolescence Beside Lake Ontario

TC Tolbert – Imago Dei

Where We’re At

Erin Hoffman – Cornhole

Weston Morrow – Arise and Unbuild It Again

Editor: Jodee Stanley

Creative Nonfiction Editor: Christopher Kempf

Poetry Editor: Corey Van Landingham

Assistant Editors: Alixandra Shuger, Emmilea O’Toole, Chris Vanjonack

Editorial Assistants: Amanda Bales, Elizabeth Boyle, Claire Christoff, K. James D’Agostino, Madeline Furlong, Liz Harms, Chelsea Hill, Erin Hoffman, Drew Jennings, Brett Ashley Kaplan, Weston Morrow, Cole Piedimonte, Erich Slimak, Azlan Smith, Isaac Willis

Editor-at-Large: Philip Graham

Advisory Board: Amy Sayre Baptista, Traci Brimhall, James Brunton, Lindsey Drager, Matthew Minicucci, Marcus Wicker

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