Li Weijia

Li Weijia   Starry Night 1. Spring festival, 2008 “Wake up, little lazy worm.” “Please, Grandma, just one more minute…” I buried my head into the quilt and turned over. “Well, it’s snowing outside and…” “What?!” I threw the sheets back and jumped out of bed. “Wait! Put on your coat!” “Snowing! It’s snowing!” I […]

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Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar   On Versification              —double acrostic for Alfred Corn Perhaps it’s the kind of dream game you play in your sleep,or the residue of books you’ve read, sitting in your armchair,even—or perhaps especially—in retreat from memory’s palazzoto those vague stirrings that resemble imaginative freedoms,ice riding air toward its […]

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Fan Dai

Fan Dai   The Privileges of a Writer “You’d better be careful.” My face was right at my husband Jigang’s, my nose almost touching his, as I opened the door for him after 11:00 pm, “’cause I can explode any second!” Jigang walked into our sitting room, more bewildered than upset, “What’s that for? I […]

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Li Cuixin

Li Cuixin    Dancing in the Dark “I am a girl. But I love girls.”  When this fact first struck me, I felt my heart sinking and my legs trembling before the computer screen, staring at the words “Lesbian” and “Queer” as if I had been diagnosed with an incurable disease. It was about nine years […]

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Ling Li

Sitting the Month   Ling Li On our way back home from the hospital, my husband reassured me, Don’t worry. We’ve made a deal. My mum will take care of the baby and your mum will take care of you.   Day 4 Mum arrived with a huge jar filled with sweet rice wine and […]

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Alison Wong

Alison Wong   A New Kind of New Zealand Road Movie In 1902 the SS Ventnor sank off the coast of the Hokianga, a remote region on the west coast of the Far North of New Zealand. The ship was transporting the bones of 499 Chinese New Zealand gold miners for reburial in their home […]

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Bárbara Colio

Bárbara Colio   Postcards From a Better World 1. Paris. Of course we know that babies don’t come from Paris. But the Dying Cubes do. One hundred percent made-in-France. The market studies, done to determine who would be the exclusive authorized dealer, showed that the great majority of the Globe’s population would feel much safer—and, […]

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