Nina Boals, “Hiding Matches”

As if coaching  words to swim  across oceans  for her mother, my mother shouts into the phone  to help her family hear  or understand.  For years, she’s been adding dollars  to add minutes  to buy time  she gets to speak  to family  who have forgotten all of the details:  how much sugar  she takes in her chai,  if she spells her name with a ‘t’ or a ‘th’.   I […]

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Alonso Llerena, “Servants of God”

selected for publication by Chet’la Sebree Servants of God after La Última Cena, Marcos Zapata, c. 1753 In the Last Supper painting that hangs at Cusco Cathedral eleven apostles and Christ flank the centerpiece  a roasted guinea pig A bath of light overflows behind Christ’s head In-between two candelabra a window encases the first-quarter moon amongst […]

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