Kara Kai Wang

My China Doll


I find her on a clear
June night

commanding bees
with her black hair,

almond knees.
Her breasts

are child moons,
slant with eyes

and half a century
of unnamed wounds.

Around her a riverbed
pummeled by gardenia,

imprints of a woman

against man. I am envious
of her solitude

the open threat
of its waters.

Slipping out of my dress
I enter, red myth

pools between our thighs,
an invitation

I offered once
and never again.


Kara Kai Wang is a Chinese-American poet living in San Francisco. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in TriQuarterly, Indiana Review, Four Way Review, Best New Poets, The Asian American Literary Review, and elsewhere. She is a graduate of University of Oregon’s MFA program and is currently a medical student at UCSF.