Aidan Daniel

Roadkill Astronaut

small baby stiff-bodied

upside-down and on

its neck, stunted

little-limbed creature kit with soft fur

legs stuck out like

an overstuffed animal (what a way to go)

side-of-the-road wide mouth crying

asking, calling to skyscraper-space

somebody come and find me

the first man to float freely in space

(the way to the future) was tethered by a cord

less than two inches thick, for twelve minutes

he walked dark expanse

boots filling with sweat, he bled oxygen from his suit

to reach the airlock, his mother’s voice

seeping from memory into anti-air, he answers

if for some reason I don’t make it home

somebody come and find me

Aidan Daniel (she/her) is a writer and visual artist from Virginia. She received her MFA from Randolph College, where she studied poetry and fiction and was assistant managing editor for Revolute. Her work can be found in Shenandoah, Booth, and the many scattered papers on her desk.