AE Hines

Ghost Story


Let’s meet back at that thatched-roof-excuse

for a hotel, perched at the edge of the sea.


Where the jungle at night lights itself

in a soft green fire, fluorescent lichens


and moss ambling across the root and trunk

of every braided tree. We’ll wave goodbye


to the guests as the last boat leaves, and no one

will see us dancing on the terrace


disrobed of our bodies. No one knows

we’re there at all, swaying


in the wind and slanted rain. At night,

mosquitoes will pass right through. The bats


find no blood and nothing can touch us

except our desire. Every night, we’ll make love


hovering above the stiff straw bed, fold

ourselves in and out of each other. Then comes


the sun, climbing again the bamboo rafters.

And the waves go on kissing each other,


bang awkwardly the rough-shaven cliffs

that keep falling in a jumble into the sea.



AE Hines is the author of Any Dumb Animal (Main Street Rag, 2021). His poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology, Alaska Quarterly Review, Rhino, The Missouri Review, I-70 Review, Sycamore Review, and Tar River Poetry among other places. Originally from North Carolina, he resides in Portland, Oregon and Medellín, Colombia.