Aimee Seu

Aubade 15


I love our slow game

in the morning: summer light

color of whale tusk, us collapsed exactly

in our shadows so there

are no shadows. Our dreams like docked

rowboats knocking in the sway.

Scouts of my hands, before eyes’

location. I’m like a language

he starts speaking slowly

getting his bearings, feels tentatively

each syllable, only half-sure

what he means. Do hours pass drifting?

Do I surface for a moment

or dream the room?

I am finding my own body

by finding his body. Edges illumined

in glowy static. I do not know

my mother yet, today.

I do not know

my debts or my cruelty.

I say his name like a word I invented

to mean everything

I need it to: hungry and fear

and happiness and God.



Aimee Seu is a third-year Poe-Faulkner Fellow in the University of Virginia’s Creative Writing MFA Program for Poetry. Her poem “Nikki Lyn” was recipient of the 2019 UVA Academy of American Poets Prize. Her poem “The World” was a semi finalist in the 2019 New Guard Vol IX Knightville Poetry Contest judged by Richard Blanco. Her poem “17” won the Academy of American Poets Prize at Temple University in 2016. Her work has appeared or has forthcoming publications in Ninth Letter, Raleigh Review, Harpur Palate & Runestone Magazine. She is a Philadelphia native.