Jessica Siobhan Frank


Unilateral Salpingo-Oopherectomy


In the beginning there was Heaven and Earth.

Three incisions from an exploratory mission,
camera and light recording the science of creation.
Circadian rhythms in an all-day drum circle of yawns.
An outlier molecule of water in a dried riverbed—
pearl in the oyster of an ovary, tweezed and seized,
studied like a talking serpent in an orchard.
This evidence of life grown
to sixteen times its normal state.
A colony of radical cells with no origin,
could have been from a rib.

And on the seventh day,
she could finally rest.




Jessica Siobhan Frank lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she is earning her MFA at McNeese State University. Her poetry has appeared in Portage Magazine and Gold Dust Magazine, and she was a National Runner-Up in the 2014 Cultural Center of Cape Cod Poetry Contest.