Sarah Anne Strickley, “the Art Professor’s Guide to Mystical Pregnancy”

D. J. Thielke, “Eggs”

Caroline Beimford, “Sous-Vide”

Kimberly King Parsons, “The Light Will Pour In”


Rachel M. Hanson, “Spaces”

Althea Fann, “Real Ghosts”

Amy Long, “Use and Abuse”

Angie Sijun Lou, “On Ghosts, Blood Ties, and Border Politics”

Cade Mason, “The Dichotomy of a Prayer”

Alyssa Quinn, “A Theory of Chaos and Conception


Aaron Baker, “Cottonwood,” “First Language”

Adam Scheffler, “How to Party

Becka Mara McKay, “Pecari Tajacu as Mistranslation”

Allison Adair, “Dora Maar Enters Her Own Blue Period”

Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley, “Contagion,” “When the Last Bricklayer Has Left”

Charles Nutter Peck, “A Small Sweetness,” “Post-Christmas,” “From the Smallest Couch in Indiana”

Stevie Edwards, “Everything Is Going Okay for Once”

Carlie Hoffman, “Boundary”

Catherine Wing, “Lost Tongues”

Chelsea B. DesAutels, “Self-Preservation”

Courtney Flerlage, “Charm Against Loneliness,” “Guide to Small Mammal Rehabilitation,” “To Mary Toft”

Isabelle Shepherd, “Why Can’t a Horse Trainer Teach Me to Calmly Accept the Inevitability of Death, Like in The Neverending Story

Jeanne Larson, “True=Rooted, This Tree-Rooted Bedpost, Now”

Jennifer Givhan, “Common Carp”

Isaac Pickell, “octaroon”

Karin Yun, “Reformation,” “Portrait of a Trans Woman”

Kelly Lorraine Andrews, “Can’t Play Pretend to Love this Body So”

Bibhu Padhi, “October”

Margaret Cipriano, “Finally, One Sees Nothing Else”

Molly McCully Brown, “Letter to Julian, Midsummer,” “The Animals”

Pritha Bhattacharyya, “Gram, Glorified”

Bern Mulvey, “Toads”

Nicole Rollender, “Why I Carry Guilt as a Lantern”

Oliver Baez Bendorf, “texture of needing brown,” “who spit into the pumpkin, who they waiting for”

Marielle Prince, “Hammer”

Stephanie Rogers, “Never Speak Back”

Ninth Letter 2017 Literary Awards Winners

Cady Vishniac, fiction, “Drill”

Erin Rodoni, poetry, “Lullaby with Fireflies and Rising Seas”

Ellyn Gaydos, creative nonfiction, “Summer of Love”

Art Feature

Taekyeom Lee, “New Typographic Experience”

Where We’re At

Katrina Gaffney, “St. Louis: The Southern Midwest”

Edgar Garbelotto, “A Bookstore by the Lake”

Liz Howey, “A Starch, a Meat, a Vegetable, a History”

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