Michele Morano, “My Mother Was A Beauty Queen”

Roy Kesey, “Something” and “Fire”

David James Poissant, “The Story”

Chelsey Johnson, “You and Your Healthy Libido”


Soraya Palmer, “For the “Black Baldy Half-Dyke Who Fits in Nowhere: A Visibility Spell”

Jaquira Díaz, “Monster Story”

Robert Brunk, “Talking to a Stone Wall”


Rebe Huntman, “Mother with Paul Newman and Small Axis”

Tracy May Fuad, “For the Fisherwoman”

Tom Minogue, “Yacht Rock”

Kendra DeColo, “Self-Portrait with the Virgin Mary and Magic Mike,” “There Are Things I Won’t Tell My Daughter,” “Donald Trump Rides the Escalator of My Erotic Dreams”

Conor Bracken, “Love Poem with Mamba”

Joshua Myers, “[city]” and “[sardine]”

Heather Bartlett, “Will You Come In?”

Jessica Roeder, “The Tree in the Garden” and “Weather Also Expands and Contracts”

Jenny Sadre-Orafai, “We Buried the Fathers in Northville” and “Language of Signs”

Colby Cotton, “Fuel”

Kaitlyn Duling, “I-57 2:15 AM”

Emma Hine, “Tornado Warning in Horse Country”

Madeleine Wattenberg, “Elegy” and “Transubstantiation”

Lena Moses-Schmitt, “Removing the Dirt” and “Not Happiness”

Mark Lee Webb, “After You Drove”

Caylin Capra-Thomas, “Uncertainty Principle,” Uncertainty Principle II,” “Uncertainty Principle III,” “Uncertainty Principle IV,” “Uncertainty Principle V”

Special Feature: 2015 Literary Award Runners-Up

Julie Marie Wade, “The Regulars” (runner-up, Creative Nonfiction)

Zach VandeZande, “Status Updates” (runner-up, Fiction)

Monica Sok, “Here Is Your Name” (runner-up, Poetry)

Rachael Katz, “All About Flash” (runner-up, Poetry)


Matthew Baker, “Based on a True Story: An Interview with Nina Freeman”

Art Feature

Laura Elizabeth Shea, “The Outhaus: An Interview with Bert Stabler and Katie Fizdale”

Where We’re At

Caitlin McGuire, “Detroit: City of Evolution, City of Rebirth”

Jess Williard, “Another Country”

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