Katie Jean Shinkle, “Ruination”

Katie Jean Shinkle Ruination Darkness, and then. Rolling weather: a superstorm in-wait. Four clouds exactly alike, black outline as if spiral on paper. Stratus or cirrus. Paredolia in theory: what becomes a creature of wing in sky, what becomes one blink signal or two, what becomes the shape of genitals. If we take our shoes […]

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Anne Valente, “Lullaby for Bullfrog”

Anne Valente   Lullaby for Bullfrog Eastern American Toad (Bufo Americanus Americanus) A high-pitched trill, the singing of so many toads hidden in the grass. Emerged from the ponds of their late-spring breeding, unfurled to grasslands and forests and dense thickets of cattails. You remember them now, every toad and frog species in the state […]

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Michael Reid Busk – “Prince”

Michael Reid Busk Prince To paraphrase Winston Churchill’s words, used in a very different context: No one could ever forecast the actions of Prince; he was a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside a purple velvet enigma. Prince was a sparkly Sphinx, a funk-pop Mozart, a 5’2 totem of talent, a Christian sex god, the […]

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