Kathryne Lim

Bone Tower of Gangnam District

A  clear  glass  column
filled     to  the  top   with
jawbone   parts,      some
plastic    surgeon’s    idea
of  art.     The sawed   off
mandibles     resembling
ancient   tusks;    clipped
fingernails     yellow      &
piled;   a   million       half
moons  crushed.       Out-
lawed      &     dismantled
for   lack   of   taste,   but
the      real   masterpiece
remains      the      young 
women     who     wander
through    Seoul    careful
to  chew     to    laugh   to
talk.     Chins        tapered
to   a     point       delicate 
enough    to      fit   inside 
the   hollow   of a  teacup

Kathryne Lim is an MFA student in Poetry at the University of New Mexico where she also teaches Composition and Creative Writing. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Santa Fe Literary Review, In Posse Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, and Chaparral.