Web Edition Submission Guidelines


Ninth Letter will be accepting submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for a special online edition to be published at ninthletter.com in Summer 2023.  Submissions will be open from February 1 to April 1. No fee is required for submissions to this issue.

The theme for this issue is Invisibility. What lies beneath, behind, below? What in the air do we breathe without knowing? Is it the wind that makes trees shiver, or something otherworldly? Where are the gears that govern our world–are they just under the table, barely out of sight? Where are the wires that connect our lives, our voices, our words? What is it that keeps us tethered? Is there more than meets the eye? Are there eyes that meet the more? Look past what you see. Look through it. Find the hidden lines that connect us or the secret walls that keep us separate. Find the ghosts that haunt the edges–capture them before they disappear. Show us the photos. Make us believe.

You may submit up to three poems, or one piece of short prose (fiction or nonfiction) of up to 3500 words; please also include a cover letter that briefly explains how you see your work connecting to the theme. Note: work submitted without this information may be withdrawn. Acceptable file formats are .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf.

Submissions sent via snail mail or submitted through our general submissions at ninthletter.com will not be considered for this issue.

Unless otherwise requested, please submit only once per reading period. Please do not send multiple submissions or previously published work.

Authors whose work is selected for this special feature will receive a small honorarium ($25 per poem, $75 per story or essay) and a complimentary 2-­year subscription to Ninth Letter.




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